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Six Figures Under


You Went Through Ten Years Of Necromancy School And They Never Taught You How To Market Yourself.

A series of 6 solo micro-games about being a freelance necromancer:

  1. False Life Advertising - Write a Craigslist ad
  2. Dead Ringer - Record a message for your answering machine
  3. A Day in the Life - Journal about a revivification job
  4. Cheap as Dirt - Write a recipe
  5. At Death’s Door - Journal about work following you home
  6. Life Insurance - Write instructions for your own revivification

Submitted to the Spring From the Graves Jam


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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This is one of my favorite games ever.  Thank you so much for making it.

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I love this! I appreciated the humorous approach, and I actually got so attached to my necromancer by the end lol


Six Figures Under  a game consisting of 6 mini games where you are a graduated Necromancer setting out on starting your own business! Each game progresses you further along in your professional endeavors!

Breaking down one game into lots of little mini games is a really fun idea! It's a great way to give you little snapshots of a larger setting/story. And also insures the player that they won't get bored when the mechanics become rote.

I wrote about someone who figured out that maybe their college wasn’t too legit, and had trouble shaking off a certain revived client. You can find my playthrough Here


Short sweet and to the point! A great exercise in creativity and an awesome jumping off point for character creation and world building if you happen to have a necromancer character existing in a modern world! Super fun!


Slice of life/unlife mini games. I loved starting with the Craigslist ad, what a fun way to set up who my character is and how necromancy works in his world. The prompts support non-European necromantic traditions, and I'm already scheming a Tientsin Mystic run.


One of my 3 favorite games that I played in 2022!


Six Figures Under is a series of 6 solo-games about the life of a freelance necromancer. I like how games with different mechanics are tied together to form a bigger narrative. The humour is top-notch too!

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My favorite solo ttrpg! Not only is the world and premise unique, this game allows for so much darkness and snark (right up my alley)! Gives me Dead Like Me vibes.
The prompts are fantastic but what really makes this easy and fun to play are the tables for outcomes and follow up as well as the prompts in between card draws. I just haven't seen any other solo game like it. 

I shared my thoughts and how I played, and the results of my play on my blog:

I really adore this game and have harassed all of my ttrpg friends into getting it. 


I adored this!! All the prompts were so clever, and I loved the dice rolling aspect to randomize stories. I particularly enjoyed being called out to summon an ancient god for a raccoon haha!

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Wow!  I love this idea so, so, so, so, so much!  I've printed it out and skimmed through it and I laughed so hard at how clever the writing is :)  

Thank you so much for this little gem in what has been rather dreary times.  Who would've thunked I would have said that about a game about being a necromancer? Haha :D

Ah, I do want to point out what may be one possible error.  In the Craigslist ad, you mentioned "life ichor" when life is one of the "banned" words... unless that was intentional.  If so, carry on :P


Wow!! Thank you so much for the lovely words, I'm glad it could provide some joy during tough times! It certainly means a lot to hear, especially that you enjoy the writing.

Good catch on the banned words! It completely slipped past me...I was so focused on not using the word "blood" that I looked past "life" (a more egregious offence than blood, I'd reckon!). Turns out that game is harder than I thought!